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National Lutheran Schools Week

Popcorn Fall

Monday, January 25

Pajama Day!

Start off the week with a classroom movie and popcorn!

Reading a Book

Tuesday, January 26

Book Character Day!

Bring along your favorite book for the All-School Sustained Silent Reading!

Hanging Suit

Wednesday, January 27

Dress Up Day!

Thank you parents and families for all of your support!

Chalk Colors

Thursday, January 28

Color by Grade Day!

4K  - Pink   4th - Orange

5K - Purple   5th - Red

1st - Yellow   6th - Black

2nd - Blue   7th - Tie-Dye

3rd - Gray   8th - Green

Chess Game

Friday, January 28

Sport Day/Trojan Gear

Wear your favorite team's gear and get ready for some classroom games!

Sub sandwiches for lunch provided by the school!

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