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Welcome to Our Father's Lutheran School!


From our beginnings Our Father’s has had a strong desire to hand down the faith once delivered to the saints. In the early years there were large Sunday School classes that crowded into the building and members began to talk about forming a school. The school was viewed as a way to reinforce the Lutheran teaching as well as prepare children to serve God and their neighbor in their daily vocations. In 1964 that dream was finally realized.

Since that time faithful teachers have daily taught the faith as well as focusing on mathematics, grammar, history and science. Many of those students are now sending their children for a traditional education with a strong foundation in Lutheran doctrine. The memorization of Holy Scripture, Luther’s Small Catechism, and Lutheran hymns are an important part of the daily growth in faith and love. The caring environment and smaller class size allows us to focus on the needs of each individual student. The positive results are seen in the high test scores and the subsequent success of our students in high school and college.

Our Father’s Ev. Lutheran School will not permit race, gender, or nationality to be a determining factor for admission into the school. We admit students of any race to all of the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available to the students of the school, making no discrimination on the basis of color or gender.

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